Juan E. Malo Arrázola

Juan-E-Malo_(web genetica)

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Departamento de Ecología. C-101
C. Darwin, 2
Madrid 28049 España
Tfn: +34 91 497 8012
Fax: +34 91 497 8001
E-mail: je.malo(at)uam.es

I am full-time teacher at the Department of Ecology since 2000, and Associate Professor since 2006. I am deeply convinced of the potential utility of Ecology for problem solving and my research interests are thus focused on the effects of human activities on animal populations and ecological interactions. Along the last decade, I have been devoted to the study of vertebrate populations affected by large human infrastructures from the perspectives of their local abundance, behavior, roadkill, population fragmentation and predator-prey interactions. In several occasions research has been aimed at the design of corrective measures and their monitoring. In parallel, I work with wild ungulates and the effects on them of human management, including plant-herbivore-carnivore interactions and wild-domestic ungulate coexistence. All this research is done in collaboration with colleagues from the Terrestrial Ecology Group (TEG-UAM) and from other Institutions.

I regularly teach Environmental Impact Assessment in the Degree in Environmental Sciences and Community Ecology in the UAM-UCM Master in Ecology. I am also responsible for the two courses conforming the Master Thesis (Introduction to project design and implementation in Ecology, and Master Thesis) of the latter.

Some recent & outstanding publications

Malo, J.E. & Mata, C. 2021. Web databases of feather photographs are useful tools for avian morphometry studies. Ecology and Evolution 11: 7677-4684.

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Pozo, R.A.; Cusack, J.J.; Acebes, P.; Malo, J.E.; Traba, J.; Iranzo, E.C.; Morris-Trainor, Z.; Minderman, J.; Bunnefeld, N.;, Radic-Schilling, S.; Moraga, C.; Arriagada, R. & Corti, P. 2021. Reconciling livestock production and wild herbivore conservation: challenges and opportunities. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 36: 000-000

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ResearchGate: www.researchgate.net/profile/Juan_Malo/