Conservation of the Dupont’s lark (Chersophilus duponti) and its habitat in Soria (Spain)

LIFE 2016-2021

In this project, the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Group (TEG_UAM) and seven other public and private bodies strive to reverse the decline of a severely endangered bird, Dupont’s lark, through the management of its habitats, the promotion of traditional farming practices and work with local entities.

Specific objectives:

  • Conservation and enhancement of Dupont’s lark in the south of Soria Province (ES000000203 Altos de Barahona and ES000000255 Páramo de Layna SPAs), working on approx. 15% of the species’ European population.
  • Increase habitat availability by means of direct measures: habitat restoration and promotion of livestock management practices in the two SPAs covered by the Project.
  • Assessment of the relationship between the habitat quality and population viability of Dupont’s lark in the context of conservation strategies.
  • Definition of criteria for species habitat management, to be included in the Spanish National Conservation Strategy and the Castilla y León Dupont’s lark Conservation Plan.
  • Improved perception and social appreciation of the species in the local community.

Dupont’s lark. Photo: Beatriz Vigalondo

These objectives require the design and implementation of specific protection measures for Dupont’s lark and its habitats, the management of SPAs, habitat restoration and the involvement of the local human population.