Our group works on research issues concerned with terrestrial ecosystems. We combine basic ecology with its application to land management. Our original focus on birds and plants in steppe habitats and Mediterranean agrosystems has broadened to other fields including taxonomy (mammals), geography (Latin America) and ecology (forest and island ecosystems).

Our research lines are:

Mediterranean grassland and shrubland ecology

Matorral en el ascenso a Cabeza Líjar (1718 m.s.n.m.)

Photo: Shrubland on Cabeza Líjar (1718 m a.s.l.)


Space-time patterns, dispersal, herbivory and granivory, establishment, germination, seed banks, functional traits.

Research staff.
Begoña PecoFrancisco M. Azcárate, Isabel Castro, Juan E. Malo, Juan Traba, Ana Margarida Coelho dos Santos, Carlos P. Carmona, Raul Ochoa-Hueso, Mariola Silvestre, Laura Morgado, Sonia Llorente.

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Agricultural ecology


Photo: Grazing on the Conquense Drove Road

CAP and agri-environmental policies, changes in land use, environmental and biodiversity effects, environmental indicators, species conservation and restoration and agrarian systems with high natural values.

Research staff.
Juan J. Oñate, Begoña Peco, Manuel B. Morales, Juan Traba, Juan E. Malo, Pablo Acebes, Pedro P. Olea, Maria Fernandez, Zuriñe Iglesias.

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Ecology of terrestrial vertebrates


Northern wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe) ready for banding on the Molina de Aragón moor (Photo: Juan Traba)

Steppe birds, ungulates, ecological niche, reproductive biology, spatial ecology, habitat selection , conservation, tracking and camera trap techniques, hunting, competition, predation.

Research staff.
Manuel B. Morales, Juan Traba, Jesús Herranz, Javier Seoane, Juan J. Oñate, Juan E. Malo, Pedro P. Olea,  Eduardo T. Mezquida, Pablo Acebes, Airam Rodriguez, Esperanza Iranzo, Cristina Mata, Israel Hervás, Cristian Pérez Granados, Julia Gómez Catasús, Adrian Barrero, Daniel Bustillo, Larissa Moreira, Maria C. Rodela.

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Environmental assessment and restoration

Aerogeneradores en Barracas, Teruel

Wind turbines in Barracas, Teruel

Strategic environmental assessment, environmental impact assessment, fragmentation, barrier effect, wildlife crossings, Natura 2000 network, effectiveness analysis.

Research staff.
Juan E. Malo, Jesús Herranz, Cristina Mata, Juan J. Oñate, Juan Traba,Israel Hervás, Airam Rodriguez, Lourenco Falcao.

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 Ecological biogeography and macroecology


Panoramic view of Agujas de Cardaño and Peña Prieta from the north-west.

Species distribution patterns, abundance and rarity patterns, palaeoecology.

Research staff.
Javier Seoane , Juan Carlos Moreno, Ana Margarida Coelho dos Santos, Manuel Morales, Juan Traba, Begoña Peco, Fatima Franco, André Menegotto.

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