Restoration and conservation of Madrid ecosystems. REMEDINAL-2

R&D activity of research groups in the Madrid Region, 2010-2014.

REMEDINAL-2 is a network of prestigious research groups working on natural resources and environmental technologies, particularly the restoration and conservation of Mediterranean ecosystems and their response to global change. This Network is promoted by the Madrid Regional Government via a call for R&D activity proposals by research groups, co-financed by the EU’s European Social Fund. This network includes eight research groups from the main universities in the Madrid Region (URJC, UAH, UAM, UCM and UPM) and two public research centres, CSIC and the Forestry Research Centre (CIFOR- INIA), with technological support provided by two specialised laboratories, NUTRILAB and CULTIVE, part of REDLAB (Madrid Region Lab Network). All of these groups are working on an ambitious project that is combining efforts, capacities, resources, knowledge and experience in a joint programme with clear common goals.

Scientific objectives:

  • Enhance the capacity and quality of the participant research groups through intensified collaboration and teamwork.
  • Train leading researchers in the field of ecological restoration.
  • Provide technical assistance to public administrations that deal with environmental management in the Madrid Region and act as a reference point for other regions in Spain and abroad.
  • Provide consultancy services to public institutions and private companies in aspects related to environmental impact assessment, the effects of degradation due to human activity and the design of ecological restoration projects.